Terms and conditions Nos Alpes

The terms and conditions are intended to regulate the marketing of products manufactured by Nos Alpes, as well as the resale of products manufactured by Nos Alpes. Headquartered in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, under the registration of legal entity 28.781.785 / 0001-04, the service consists of making available and ordering the advertised products, accessing through the electronic address “nosalpes.com”.

Product orders must be made by users over 18 (eighteen) years old (under one year old must have authorization from their representatives). The elements and information transmitted by the user will enjoy full legal effects, recognizing the consumer for electronic purchases, and the consumer cannot complain about the lack of subscription for non-compliance with the obligations assumed.

Product information and content

Nos Alpes will do everything possible so that the information presented does not contain typographical errors, being promptly corrected whenever they occur. If you purchase a product with characteristics different from those presented online, you have the right to terminate the purchase contract under the applicable legal terms (see exchange policy **).

Nos Alpes will do its best to ship all requested products, but it is possible that, in certain cases and for reasons difficult to control in Nos Alpes, such as human errors or incidents in information systems, this is not possible for making any of the products available. requested by the user. If any product is not available after ordering, you will be notified by email or phone. At that time, you will be presented with the possibility to cancel the order with the respective refund, if you have already made the respective payment.

All information on prices, products, specifications, promotional actions and services can be modified at any time, without prior notice from Nos Alpes. In case of divergence of values, the valid price is that of the shopping cart.


All products and services marketed at Loja Online Nos Alpes, as well as on its social networks, seek to comply with Brazilian law.

The Store has adequate security levels, but Nos Alpes is not responsible for the losses suffered by the consumer and / or third parties, due to interruptions, errors and suspensions of communications that originate from factors beyond their control. Nos Alpes is not responsible for delays resulting from malfunction / suspension of deliveries made by third party services.

Consumer obligations

The user agrees to provide personal data correctly, in addition to not using false identities and respecting the limits imposed on orders. It is expressly forbidden to use products and services purchased for commercial purposes, that is, for resale of products manufactured and marketed by Nos Alpes.

In the event that the consumer breaches any of these obligations, Nos Alpes reserves the right to eliminate future purchases, block access to the store or cancel the supply of any other product made available.

Team Nos Alpes :)