Our duty as reactive and change agents is to work with the objective of meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations. And for us, this thought expands to all levels of life on our Planet, respecting the full potential of the biodiversity in which we are immersed. We believe that it is possible to express the love for the mountain in a lifestyle that preserves Nature, through conscious and sustainable production.

T-shirts that Preserve our Mother Earth


To express our love for the mountain, we created t-shirts that preserve the Planet, taking into account numerous aspects within its production cycle. Our t-shirts are produced with sustainable cotton made in Brazil. Through good agricultural practices, the correct use of natural resources, the non-tolerance of slave / child labor in the field and the valorization and safety of workers, it does not compromise productive forces or ecosystems. It uses the rainfed planting system, based on the rain cycle, which uses only 4% of artificial irrigation (data 2018/19), saving water and aiming at conscious production.

It has the international seal Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The seal is applied by a non-profit organization that applies verification items on agricultural properties to produce transparent and sustainable cotton.

T-shirt dyeing uses efficient management and the correct use of water and energy, and consumes up to 70% less than conventional processes. It is part of the ZDHC - Zero Disposal of Hazardous Chemicals program, which contributes to the protection of biodiversity and groundwater. The prints are made by the digital method (DTG), in a drying process, which does not use water or methods that pollute the environment.

The ink used in printing is free of heavy metals, toxic substances, safe for children and babies, without animal by-products and 100% biodegradable.

We make use of conscious and on-demand production, creating T-shirts that nature lovers really want, eliminating the creation of large stocks and that will not be consumed properly.

Dry Fit

Dry fit t-shirts use polyamide, a synthetic fabric, but we seek to work with suppliers that produce fabrics that are more friendly to the Planet. We work with the CO2 control line, which has permanent anti-odor technology - which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria (it is not lost in the washes). This causes a decrease in washing and ironing of T-shirts produced with this technology, promoting savings in water, energy and lower CO2 emissions.

Made with a technological fabric that has 6.6 biodegradable nylon and allows its rapid decomposition after its disposal. This material, which used to take about 50 years to decompose, now happens in less than 3 years, when disposed of in well-controlled landfills.

Packaging that respects nature

In order to promote sustainable habits and to eliminate the use of plastic in our packaging, when ordering more than 2 units of cotton T-shirts or more, you receive a returnable eco-bag of raw cotton with a capacity of up to 5kg. Designed for you to use during your routine and stop using disposable bags. Disposable bags are one of the items responsible for up to 49% of plastic pollution in the oceans.

With each order of Dry Fit t-shirt, you get an internal organizer case in resistant nylon, a functional item to be used on the next trail and to store important items in your backpack.

In each shirt you get our card made of seed paper, so you can connect with the earth and remember its essence!

We chose to use our postal and carrier packages produced in kraft paper and cardboard, eliminating the conventional plastic envelopes that, when discarded, take up to 400 years to fully decompose in nature.

Promotion of sustainable habits and environmental education

In order for us to consciously take care of our Planet, we all need to understand how we can become better human beings, and this has to do with our daily actions. Therefore, in our blog you will find content related to the construction of sustainable habits, environmental education and practical tips that promote health and the connection with the Mountain.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi