amor ao planetaLove the Earth

+ 300 trees planted

In order to contribute to the development of biodiversity and offset the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, one of the polluting gases responsible for global warming and climate change, we plant native trees in accordance with technical guidelines for environmental management jointly with public and private institutions, collectives and groups of people aiming at the conservation of the Planet.


plantio de arvores nativasplantio de arvores compensação de emissão de co2arvores nativas








Respect for nature

embalagem retornavel eco bag

We are responsible for our environment, and did you know that plastic, when not disposed of properly, promotes plastic pollution and impacts the soil, oceans and the lives of countless animals? It also takes up to 400 years to fully decompose in nature.

According to data and studies by the NGO WWF, the volume of plastic that leaks into the oceans each year is approximately 10 million tons. According to the UN Environment, this could result in more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

To encourage the creation of sustainable habits, with each order with 2 or more cotton T-shirts, we send a returnable raw cotton eco-bag. Developed to be used in your routine and to stop using disposable bags. Disposable bags are one of the items responsible for up to 49% of plastic pollution in the oceans.

Investing in recycling

We exchange our plastic packaging for cardboard boxes and paper envelopes in our shipments via mail and carrier and to contribute to the development of recycling in Brazil, we invest in the chain of operation through the EU RECICLO seal, which makes packaging environmental compensation, certifies reverse logistics and complies with the National Solid Waste Policy so that the waste generated has the correct environmental destination. The EU RECICLO seal has the mission of building a sustainable world through recycling.

Support for environmental causes

Through partnerships with the Casa Ipiranga Association, Parques Nacionais Project and NGO Montanha para Todos we created exclusive prints and collections aimed at the preservation and conservation of nature and the promotion of accessibility for the practice of outdoor sports. Part of the profit from the sale of T-shirts is destined for those actions that globalize the world.

1 dólar makes the difference

For each product chosen on our website, you donate $ 1.00 to an environmental cause, without paying anything more for it. Through our partner PÓLEN, we use a solution that facilitates support for NGOs that have the same purposes as ours, the preservation of Nature. But it is an action that we count on your help. Come with us in this chain of good!

Earth connection 

We know the importance of connecting with the land to achieve a better quality of life. We are made of the same material that the entire universe is made of, and soon we are nature itself. Thinking of proposing, even in a very small way, this connection and reflection in everyday and urban daily life, we send our seed card to each T-shirt for you to feed your vegetable garden. Each contact with the earth is divine and promotes countless positive benefits!

On our blog you can also find information on the practice of mountaineering and sustainable habits that promote the preservation of our Planet. We, and only us, are responsible for the world we live in :)